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Lorie Anderson

Orlando, FL Office - Swanson

#CA-DOC936986   As an expert Real Estate Benefit Specialist, Professional Mortgage Educator, Loan Originator, Credit Expert and Budget Consultant, I truly make home possible!   From start to finish, I specialize in assisting individuals and families become new homeowners. Not only do I educate on how to properly prepare for homeownership, I also set the expectations and thoroughly explain the entire process of buying a new home including the various types of loan programs, down payment and closing cost requirements and the many different components of the lending process.   I work with anyone that expresses an interest in becoming a new homeowner. For some, the process may take a little longer due to challenged credit or lack of reserves. But, regardless of the time frame, my goal is their goal – which is to help them become a homeowner. Unfortunately, many customers I have assisted gave up on their American dream of owning their own home long ago because the “other guys” that couldn’t qualify them simply wished them well and sent them on their way.   What makes me different?    I educate. I explain. I help map out the path needed to become a homeowner. And once that’s done, I walk side-by-side with my customers down the same path until they have the keys in their hand to their new home.   I can be reached at:   951.888.1155 – Office 562.965.4751 – Mobile https://lorieanderson.equityprime.com landerson@equityprime.com makinghomepossible@gmail.com   I am licensed In the following states:   California Washington Oregon Colorado    

  • 3191 Maguire Blvd,
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Orlando, FL Office - Swanson Photo

Orlando, FL Office - Swanson

Our dedicated staff of highly professional and experienced mortgage originators are eager to guide you through the process of your loan and provide you with competitive interest rates and superb service. We only hire employees with a minimum of five years of industry experience to insure the quality of information. Contact us to see what your mortgage options are today to begin your loan journey to homeownership.